Vehovintti Lommilanrinne 1, Espoo

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What's for lunch at Vehovintti this week:

Monday 20.5
  • Shrimp curry, Basmati rice
    G L M
  • Frankfurter sauce, Boiled potatoes
    L M
  • Finnish summer vegetable soup
    * L
Tuesday 21.5
  • Parsley mayonnaise, Roasted potatoes, Crêpes with minced meat filling
    G L M
  • Marokkolaista Harira papukeittoa
    * G L M VS
  • Jogurttipannacottaa ja mansikkamelbaa
    G L
  • Chicken and bacon sauce, Whole grain organic pasta, Grated parmesan cheese
Wednesday 22.5
  • Portugese-style sausage soup
    * G L M VS
  • Beef in sweet and sour sauce, Rice
    G L M
  • Falafel-pyöryköitä, Tzatsikia, Höyrytettyä riisiä
    G L
Thursday 23.5
  • Hilloa, Ohukaisia, Vaniljakermavaahtoa
    G L
  • Traditional pea soup, Diced onion
    * G L M
  • Baltic herring with onion , Boiled potatoes
    * L
  • Minced meat patties, Cream sauce, Boiled potatoes
    G L
Friday 24.5
  • Carrot purée soup
    G L
  • Jambalaya, Aioli
    G L M VS
  • Potato wedges with herbs, Glazed pork neck, Guacamole and sour cream
    G L