Vehovintti Lommilanrinne 1, Espoo

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What's for lunch at Vehovintti this week:

Monday 22.7
  • Chicken filling, Wheat tortilla, Avocado salsa, Rice, Lactose-free crème fraîche
    G L M VS
  • Pureed potato and leek soup
    G L VS
  • Cheese-filled baked sausage, Mustard relish, Mashed potatoes
    G L
Tuesday 23.7
  • Roasted sweet pepper, potatoes and chorizo, Chili and sour cream sauce
    G L M VS
  • Spinach soup with an egg
  • Saithe with shrimp, Boiled potatoes with dill
    * G L
  • Mansikkarahkaa
    G L
Wednesday 24.7
  • Crispy fried sprat, Creamed potato slices, Tzatziki
    G L M
  • Creamed potato slices, Meatloaf of the House, Tzatziki
    L M
  • Pureed lentil soup
    G L VS
Thursday 25.7
  • Traditional pea soup, Diced onion
    * G L M
  • Smoked pork sauce with bacon, Spaghetti, Grated parmesan cheese
    G L VS
  • Roasted chicken breast escalope, Curry sauce, Whole grain rice
    * G L M
  • Vohveleita, Vadelmahilloa, Vaniljakermavaahtoa
    G L
Friday 26.7
  • Pureed broccoli soup
    * G L
  • Chicken stew with sweet pepper, Rice
    G L M
  • Pork sirloin steak, Creamy black pepper sauce, Parmesan potatoes
    * G L M