Technopolis Peltola RE5T4UR4NT MYRSKY Yrttipellontie 1, 90230 Oulu

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Edustus 050 464 9618
Student meals

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What's for lunch at Technopolis Peltola RE5T4UR4NT MYRSKY this week:

Monday 27.5
  • Minced meat and cabbage rolls, roasted sauce and mashed potatoes

  • Apple and berry pie with whipped cream, Berry fool with whipped cream

  • Saladbar: Feta cheese, Tuna, Egg
  • 10,50 € Grill: Smoked cheese hamburger with french fries

  • Parsnip pyree soup
    G L
  • Vegan: Root vegetable and soy burgund, rice

  • Burgund beef with mashed potatoes

  • Breakfast: Oat porridge
Tuesday 28.5
  • Fish solyanka with creme fraiche

  • Vegan: Carrot and oat bran patties, vegan tzatziki and rice

  • Creamy cauliflower pyree soup
    G L
  • Grill: Parma ham, parmesan and arugula pizza, BBQ meatball pizza

  • Saladbar: Halloum cheese, Meatballs, Shrimp

  • Orange and rhubarb yoghurt, Pancake with jam and whipped cream

  • Breakfast: Rye porridge
  • Fried chicken with chef´s sauce, roasted potatoes

Wednesday 29.5
  • Rye breaded baltic herrings, dill potatoes

  • Beef patties with mushroom sauce, parsley potatoes

  • Vegan: Vegetable casserole gratinated with vegan cheese

  • Sweet potato pyree soup
    G L
  • 13,90 € Grill: Asian style salmon, warm noodle salad

  • Saladbar: Egg, Goat cheese, Turkey with herbs
  • Blueberry dessert, Pineapple quark

  • Breakfast: Rye, barley, wheat and oat porridge
Thursday 30.5
  • Ascension day

Friday 31.5
  • Pea soup with pancake and jam

  • Breakfast: Semolina porridge
  • Raspberry fool with whipped cream, Lingonberry and fudge quark

  • Saladbar: Blue cheese, Teriyaki pork, Marinated tofu

  • 13,90 € Grill: Beef steak with red wine sauce, oven baked potato and roasted vegetables

  • Carrot and smoked cheese pyree soup

  • Vegan: Vegetable and pasta casserole with spinach

  • Chicken stew with cheese, rice