Technopolis Peltola RE5T4UR4NT MYRSKY Yrttipellontie 1, 90230 Oulu

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Edustus 050 464 9618
Student meals

Lunch hours


What's for lunch at Technopolis Peltola RE5T4UR4NT MYRSKY this week:

Monday 15.7
  • Vegan: Cauliflower and soy gratin

  • Berry quark, Fruit yoghurt

  • Saladbar:Chicken, tunafish

  • Zucchini and goat cheese pyree soup
    G VL
  • Minced meat sticks filled with cheese, pepper sauce and mashed potatoes (ask for milk free)

Tuesday 16.7
  • Beef stew seasoned with mustard, rice

  • oats berry applebake, Chocolate mousse

  • Saladbar: Turkey, Egg,
  • Indian style coconut and lentil soup
    G M
  • Vegan: Vegetable Jalfrezi, rice

Wednesday 17.7
  • blackroot pyree soup
    G M
  • Butter chicken, rice

  • Vegan: Dal Makhani

  • Saladbar: cheese, bbq-beef

  • Mangolassi, rhubarb pie

Thursday 18.7
  • Vegan: Chick pea and vegetable curry, rice

  • Strawberry fool with whipped cream, Åland style pancake with jam and whipped cream

  • Kofta dopiaza spicy meatballs, rice

  • Saladbar: roast beef, tofu

  • mushroom soup
    G L
Friday 19.7
  • Peach quark, blueberry fool with whipped cream

  • Saladbar: Meatballs, Cottage cheese

  • Sweet potato and coconut soup with chili
    G M
  • Vegan: vegetable patties, mayonnaise and rice

  • kebab casserole